PERSONAL: Living with Anxiety...

Getting a bit personal here, but if it happens to help anyone then I guess it's worth it.

Nathan Ziehnert

9 minute read

TRIGGER WARNING: I know that talking about anxiety can be a trigger for some. Just know that I might touch on some of those things that trigger you or me.

Preparing to Repair. Setting up a Windows Repair Source

With the new Windows 10 update model in v1809 you need access to Windows Update in the case of file corruption. If you block Windows Update at your organization then you can use a Windows Repair Source instead. This post describes how to set one up and maintain it.

Nathan Ziehnert

4 minute read

Well, we’re T-7 days from MMSMOA - I’ve been radio silent for a number of weeks for this exact reason. One of the presentations I’ll be giving surrounds the new cumulative updates that started in Windows 10 version 1809 (you can read about it here). One of the things that I talked about in that post is what to do if you block access to Windows Update in your environment. The answer is to create a Windows Repair Source (WRS). However a WRS is only as good as the files it…

Death to Express Updates

Microsoft apparently made some changes to how cumulative updates are packaged for Windows 10 beginning in version 1809. My co-worker discovered them via a whitepaper. I dissect this snoozer and ask some further questions.

Nathan Ziehnert

7 minute read

R.I.P. Express Updates - November 13, 2018. Placed on life support to be turned off at the end of support for 1803.