2020 Vision

2019 brought with it some new experiences for me - larger speaking engagements, more activity in the community, and more friends and cohorts. With that last one has also come more than one gentle correction on things I thought I knew, but really didn't. Here's my vision for 2020 on how I'm going to do better.

Nathan Ziehnert

7 minute read

First off, let's get this out of the way. 2020 Vision.

Working with the AdminService - Reading Data

One of the first things we should discuss when working with the AdminService is reading data. For the most part this is pretty straight forward and some of the operators are very similar to PowerShell. In this post we'll discuss the basics of OData conventions (what the AdminService is based off) and how to get the data that your heart desires.

Nathan Ziehnert

9 minute read

I have to say, the ConfigMgr team has done a truly phenomenal job of implementing a nice REST API to read data. If you've talked with me about the AdminService (or Adam Gross) you'll know that there is SO much value here. For me, the possibility of creating Power Apps on the Power Platform with this data (and the associated methods) is going to be a game changer.

Securing Access to the ConfigMgr AdminService Over Cloud Management Gateway

Inside the four walls of your network, access to the AdminService is managed by RBAC. However, there are a few options when you expose the AdminService through the Cloud Management Gateway which you should consider.

Nathan Ziehnert

8 minute read

NOTE: A previous version of this post had enough glaring errors that I have chosen to rewrite it. It's not often I hit the post button faster than my error checking and research, but I am alas, only human. Thank you to Yinghua (Sandy) Zeng for correcting me, and doing so in such a polite way. I would not have been upset had she done so publicly, but out of respect she chose to do it privately. I, however would like to acknowledge that I made some assumptions about the processes in her post…