Exceeding the 10 Parameter Limit for PowerShell Scripts in ConfigMgr

Parameterized PowerShell scripts in ConfigMgr are limited to 10 parameters at this point. Here's a way to bypass that limit if you need to do so.

Nathan Ziehnert

6 minute read

I honestly haven’t played around too much with the scripting features built into ConfigMgr - probably makes me a terrible consultant, but oh well. A fellow ConfigMgr blogger @gwblok however has had the chance to play around with them, and find the limitations inherent to any massively scalable system.

System Reserved Space and Windows Updates

What's a few hundred megabytes between friends? Turns out it's pretty important. If you are having issues installing Windows 10 updates with 0x800F0922 as an error code, you might need to share some of that glorious hard drive space with Windows.

Nathan Ziehnert

5 minute read

I recently worked with a client who had an issue with deploying updates to one specific model of machine. Using the same image on any other hardware updates worked just fine, but for this line of workstations it did not. Of course where we all thought the issue might reside is with a bad driver, but when they couldn’t isolate the issue they called me in to take a look.

Let's Learn EM+S: Azure Active Directory Continued

Cloud based management and other mobility and security products from Microsoft aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so it's time you start learning them. We're going to work through a lot of stuff over the coming months, so buckle up and let's get going!

Nathan Ziehnert

9 minute read

We’ll continue our Let’s Learn EM+S series with some more configuration of our Azure AD environment. Login to your Azure portal with an account with Global Administrator rights and we’ll get started. Today we’re going to look at the following items: