Managing Lightswitches and -bAnd Practice

It's time to learn about binary/bitwise operators and the ways that binary operators are used to define a group of settings by just a number. While I'd love to take credit for "-bAnd Practice" I will humbly admit that my co-worker is much more creative than I am.

Nathan Ziehnert

7 minute read

Let’s paint a picture, and since I’m no Bob Ross it’s paint by numbers time. More specifically let’s talk about binary numbers. This post assumes you have a basic understanding of the binary numbering system (or base 2). If you’re not familiar you should read this.

Peer Cache Source Lifecycle Automation

A script to intelligently manage the lifecycle of Peer Cache sources based on a number of variables. This way you can track how many Peer Cache sources you have in each "location" to ensure proper coverage especially if you don't want to enable all devices (or filtered devices) as Peer Cache sources.

Nathan Ziehnert

12 minute read

For those of you looking for the latest release of the script… it is always available here:

Peer Cache Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks regarding Peer Cache in ConfigMgr. You may already know some of these things, but they will be rather foundational to my next post for automating the lifecycle of Peer Cache sources.

Nathan Ziehnert

8 minute read

It’s been a bit of time since my last post due to working on a rather large migration project. As part of this project we’re looking to utilize peer to peer content sharing features like BranchCache and Peer Cache since the client has numerous remote locations that are too small to warrant their own distribution point but also have limited bandwidth so we can’t have every client reaching out to the distribution point at the same time.