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Well, goodbye corporate and hello consulting! I’ve decided that I just can’t settle down at one place and would rather help as many people as I can explore the opportunities available to them through Microsoft System Center products. As of September 29th I will begin as a Senior Lead Consultant at Catapult Systems.

Will Ferrell

With that announcement out of the way, I figured now would be a good time to spend some late nights revamping the site (since my schedule will afford me less time to do this going forward). I’ve been convinced to go to a static site, and Fred Bainbridge (@fredbainbridge) convinced me to go with Hugo (read his great post here).

Well, after a number of late nights adjusting the theme and getting my posts migrated (including the images and other static content), it’s now live. If you’re looking for a specific post use the search bar up top! With that said, it’s time for me to turn in for the night.

Happy admining!

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